In the past, you could have win new customers by getting them a small discount (let’s say a 10% would have worked), now it’s not that easy. Imagine that this new generation of young people, so called Millennials and Gen Z, have the power to compare in real time your price and product quality. So, you won’t win them with dollar signs. Instead, you can give them something new, something special. A story that can win their hart.

Win them with a story. Know the difference between a benefit and a feature.

From the beginning of your communication campaign, try to tell them something more that the obvious selling proposition. So, you have to know the difference between benefit and feature. And use wisely your campaign message. Learn that a feature is something that a product or service “is” or “does.” while, a benefit is something that the product or service “means” to the customer. Here is an example:

  • Wrong:“This car has a reinforced safety roof.” (feature) -> it could mean something to the people that are very into the auto world, but for me, the normal costumer, it’s not important. Actually you lost me from that 5th word. So, you can do more.
  • Right:“This car keeps your family safe.” (benefit) -> important argument, right? We all leave in a world where every day you see a car accident. And you want to have a car that can protect your loved ones. Tell this story to your future costumer and you most probably win his heart and pocket.

Use their platform and speak their language in order to stay accessible and responsive. Be there like they are your family. 

Ok, now it’s getting interesting. You have to win them by being present everyday with the right type of message. It’s important to know why to use social media, but more important it’s to know how to use it. Each network has its own rituals – imagine an old man that in order to function has to have everything in the same order (the cafe in the morning is taken with the same kind of rebus, the tea has to be at 5 o’clock every single day and so on). You have to respect them and give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Use Instagram to tell a beautiful visual story. Use Facebook like a publisher. Be always up-to-date, but more important be present and use your creativity to get them interested in your messages.

And one more think. Try to use their platform also to let them know that you care. That they are the most important part of your eco-system. Show them that you are “like them” a human been.  And be creative again in showing them that you understand that using social media means an exponentially larger pool of potential customers gets to see how you treat and serve existing customers.

So here it is what you can do: use social media to successfully handle customer service. Smart, right?

Besides your regular profiles on social media, you can also have accounts dedicated just to customer service. This allows you to maintain the content and marketing campaigns that you deliberately create on this accounts to promoted your products. So, customer service inquiries go somewhere else entirely, meaning they don’t distract from the carefully crafted social media strategy that you want to deploy.

One great example is Nike. On Twitter, you can go to @NikeSupport and find there a dedicated team that works to help customers. Nike is acting like a leader with this approach showing us that they are one step in front of the others teaching us how to really use social media platforms at their best. They chose Twitter because in USA is extremely popular and really easy to use. You can use Facebook to do the same. So, keep in mind that it is important to interact with customers directly on social media.

They also clearly state their availability (which is seven days a week), and explain the languages they can assist people in (six in total: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and German). So, if you are a global brand, act like that.

Start selling your product smart by telling us a story that we will never forget. Nae Caranfil already told us all about how to do this in Filantropica.

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