CSM Bucuresti

of March is the day when you have to say thank you to some special women. And this is an open letter to you, Linnea Torstenson & Carmen Martin on your last season at our club to thank you for showing us that we can dream big and win even bigger.

I will be forever grateful to you both for giving me the possibility to fell the happiness from Budapest. Linnea, you were the one that scored that goal in the last seconds but more importantly, you were the wall that stopped Heidi. And you, Carmen, were the one that made that 7m possible and scored in the end.

You both were the leaders that helped to build this team from the ground.

Linnea, you gave us the feeling that everything will be ok. That you are handling the situation. I wrote many times that you are the mind and soul of this team. You can mobilize the girls so that they can truly become a team. And I am pretty sure that you will be a great coach very soon.

Don’t worry, Carmen on the wing, they said. You showed us how a winner thinks like. You are for sure our best player of this season and always a sure and safe hand on our wing. But more importantly, you give us hope that with a big smile and a fast run you can change a poor game. When the team suffered they looked at you and somehow you manage to save the game by doing something spectacular.

Together you brought us joy.

Thank you, girls. It is an honor to be your fan. 

ps. Enjoy the happy sun in Nice ?

linnea carmen